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Our Advisory Council

IP VISION's services are based on many years of experience helping customers and partners in various fields of business management. IP VISION is increasingly pervasive, followed by building a prestigious brand image for all partners, customers.

  • Dr. Yaniv Zaid (Israel) - Expert Consultant

Be known as Dr. Persuasion, Dr. Zaid won 3rd place in the world championship for individual speakers in 2003 and participated in the semi-finals of the European championship for group speakers. The Author of many best-sellers on Amazon.

  • Daniel Dobrev (Bulgary) - Trade - Politic Senior Advisor

Former Director of Economy and Trade Office to Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in SR Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos…

  • Nguyễn Xuân Nguyên - Asscociate Professor/ Doctor of Science

Former Director of the Consulting Center and Water and Environmental Technology Transfer (CTC) under the National Steering Committee for Clean Water Technology and Environmental Sanitation

  • Daniel Hasidim- Ph.D

Prime Minister Adviser to China and the Far-East at Prime Minister's Office; Professor Daniel Hasidim (Ph.D) professor and Senior Lecturer in International Economics and Mathematics at Peking University in Beijing and Melbourne University in Australia. Also, President of Los Angeles University.