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IP VISION's services are based on more than 20 years of experience helping customers and partners in business and management.

There are 2 main services:


Along with the co-operation of the prestigious domestic and international Scientific Advisory Council, IP VISION always strives to support Vietnamese researchers and scholars to publish research publications and experimental results in scientific journals belonging to ISI and Scopus categories, with the following support services categories:

- Academic English Editing: at a reasonable cost, our English language editors are scientific language experts who will consider your research drafts to support with the content structure and coherently scholar writing style in accordance with International Publications. In addition, we will assist you to ask for the advice from professionals who use English as their mother tongue or the second language, and also be scientists in the same field of study with you.

- Peer Review Report (at least 3 reports): This service provides you with at least three assessment reports of your draft’s pros and cons from the same field experts before sending to publish in any magazine, supports the adjustment of the content and structure as well as ensuring the expected - published plan.

- Academic translation: Our language experts and translators provide translation services in various languages: English, French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

- Plagiarism inspection by expert software: A manuscript with high plagiarism will be rejected for publication. It is better when manuscripts containing elements of high risk of plagiarism are discovered before submission, increasing the acceptance rate. Our report will include the same index, the copy of the copied text, the source document, the plagiarism score …

- Form of document format and Manuscript publication: Special publications and documents will have their own specifications and regulations. Our service will assist you in formatting the text of the study draft according to journal articles, books, scientific documents, and format of publishing forms: print, electronic.


With an experienced staff of publishing management and experienced editors, who have been active in the international publishing industry for many years, IP VISION will support Vietnamese authors, organizations and agencies with the domestic and international publishing about various fields like education, cultural... in many languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish and Vietnamese ... Thanks to this, we could help the global readers to access and understand the knowledge and culture, the reputation and the country of Vietnamese people through special publications, as well as promote the image of Vietnam's achievements to international friends. 

At the moment, we support customers with these following services: 

Develop a publishing and publishing project

Publishing consulting

- Organization of implementation (Content construction, editorial, design, publishing, printing)

- Supporting the publication registration procedures at international and domestic publishers, magazines, and media.

***You could read up more on our other projects of published books and publications:

- Travel books - regional travel destinations (English language, print and electronic)

- Cultural Tourism Books Ethnic groups in Hanoi

- Monographs of ministries and departments

- Books about celebrities, famous figures in history and modernity,

- Books on regional culture, and agricultural goods.


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