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About us

IP VISION Joint Stock Company was established by the young intellectuals of the country with passionate and aspiration to localize Vietnamese knowledge in the international arena, committed to develop IP VISION to become an international supporting center for the connection, transfer of intellectual property and prestigious economy knowledge in Vietnam.

Through professional international service activities, we support domestic individuals and organizations to publish and register research and innovative results, as well as support foreign ones to transfer advanced intellectual information into Vietnam. Supporting to spread and promote Vietnamese knowledge about international culture and forums through these activities.

***IP VISION focuses on three areas of activities:



- STET INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY TRANSFER (Science, Technology, Education and Training)

Mission: Make your dreams come true

Vision: Promote, transfer and internationalize Vietnamese knowledge in the direction of contributing to improving The Innovation Index of Vietnamese people to be the highest of ASEAN in 2030 and Asia 2050.

***Scientific Advisory Council

  1. Dr. Nguyễn Văn Tài - Former Deputy Director of Political Academy
  2. Assoc. Prof./Doctor of Science Nguyen Xuan Nguyen - Member of the National Academy of Sciences
  3. Assoc.Prof./Doctor of Science Vu Van Tich - Director of the National University of Science
  4. Yaniv Zaid - Director of Training and Persuasion Center in Israel
  5. Daniel Dobrev - Senior Economic Diplomat, Adviser of the Bulgarian Government
  6. Ph.D Daniel Hasidim - Prime Minister Adviser to China and the Far-East at Prime Minister's Office

Be advised and supported by the Scientific Advisory Council with various leading national and international researchers and scholars, we are confident to serve our customers with a proper-standard scale and accurate- scientific optimization.

***Our partners

+ Russian Academy

+ Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

+ Vietnam Intellectual Property Department

+ Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training

+ Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology


+ International journals belong to ISI and Copus categories and other domestic and foreign journals